Thank you for visiting the Francisella Genome Browser. This is an older tool and has been selected for eventual shutdown. Our newer tool, PGAT, provides the same functionality with many additional features and more up-to-date annotation. Transposon mutants are now searchable using our Transposon Mutant Browser. We are encouraging all users to transition to these new tools. If you depend on a specific feature in this browser that is not available in PGAT, please contact us at email address.

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Follow these steps to request Transposon Insertion Mutant Strains

1. Browse the collection and select a list of mutants

Find the gene(s) of interest and select individual mutants to add to your cart.

Your mutant lists will be saved for 3 months
Please verify the following list of mutant strains before proceeding to the next step.

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2. Register on the BEI Resources website

3. Submit the list of catalog numbers for your mutants

For future reference and to assist with the ordering process, you may download your list of mutants in spreadsheet format. [Download]

Note that you may also order complete mutant plates or the full two-allele set (3,072 strains; catalog #NR-8024) through BEI Resources. Please see the BEI Resources website for more details.